IDOR’s differentiated healthcare programs are offered in various modalities.


IDOR’s differentiated healthcare programs are offered in various modalities.

Education Programs

IDOR’s highly qualified and renowned faculty, in all their areas of expertise, can depend on various types of healthcare facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure to support their teaching practices, curriculum and materials design.

Education Programs also provide researchers, practitioners and students with various extra-curricular exchange and interaction opportunities in the form of lectures, seminars and workgroups that happen all through the year, so as to further develop their knowledge and skills in a number of disciplines and healthcare modalities.

Most of our courses are offered in Brazil. For more detailed information on how to apply, check our website in Portuguese.


Ph.D. Program

The stricto sensu Doctorate Program focuses on training researchers, teachers and other medical professionals in scientific investigation and innovation. The program is guided by IDOR’s expertise in research development in the medical sciences.

MBA Program

Aiming to develop distinguished leaders in healthcare, IDOR’s MBA program focuses on nurturing and developing the analytical skills required from those who will manage and lead innovative healthcare.

Specialization Programs

These programs aim to qualify and empower healthcare professionals of all levels and specialties to deal with new challenges as they pursue their medical careers.

Development Courses

The main objective of these courses is to allow students to update and further develop their knowledge as well as to develop differentiated skills in the labor market.


Focusing on Intensive Care and Medical Emergencies, IDOR’s Internship Program is carried out in several hospitals of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro. The internship aims to bridge specialized theory and practice through immersion in daily hospital life.

Extension Programs

These short-length courses provide students with quick updates and knowledge development in different medical fields.

Graduate Program

Relying on Rede D’Or São Luiz’s acknowledged excellence and tradition in healthcare, IDOR’s Radiologic Technology undergraduate program weds modern infrastructure and expert faculty in an environment that features research, innovation, and guided assistance.


Medical Residence

IDOR provides its resident physicians with all the infrastructure of Rede D’Or São Luiz hospitals in addition to cutting-edge technologies and expert guidance and supervision of specialty physicians.

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